Some amateur website designers like to protect their html code by "Copyrigh" .   This page is intended to encourage ham radio operators who wants to add live Audio/video  features to their  website . My html code is 100% accessible by right click then select "display code" on any of my pages. Feel free to copy consoles and settings you like. Software in operation  and some recommendations are indicated in this table. 



Progress and Change Records

Draft March 7 , 2006 Starting from scratch in website design , No experience at all except dropping pictures on pre defined pages from my Internet provider and very little knowledge about computers
  March 9,   2006 Selected the available software on my PC ( FrontPage 2000 ) .Purchased Static IP and Domain name F6DMQ.Com from my Internet Provider
  March 10, 2006 Start learning website structure, Index, Accessibility check and Basics of html code
  March 15, 2006 Focus on Audio Stream software : Tried configurations of Windows Media Encoder, SimpleCast Encoder , Shoutcast server and Icecast2 server
  March 20, 2006 I gave up with Windows Media Encoder ( Failed to configure it !) , Learnt that  Icecast2  can Broadcast directly over the Internet . The Website  structure is established
  March 25, 2006 Draft Pages (without Audio) completed , Failed to configure FTP Expert software to upload my pages to the Web server . Learnt that FrontPage 2003 can do the job easily
  March 26, 2006 Got FrontPage 2003 , Discovered much more functions than the 2000 version AND many non-compatibilities with my designed pages with the 2000 version
  March 27, 2006 Starting complete redesign with FP2003 including audio stream. Facing IP addressing, Port Opening/forwarding , Firewall configuration issues etc.....! finally found stream monitor on   . A way to activate the Audio streaming from outside
  March 28, 2006 First Audio Broadcast tests with Raynier F1HUJ and Christophe F1JKE , Very good results obtained with the combination : SimpleCast Encoder + Icecast2 Server in MP3 format  at 16Kbits/s stream
  April 1 ,    2006 Successful  pages transfer  tests using FTP function from FrontPage 2003
  April 3,     2006 Learnt How to Encode Transceiver Audio signal into MP3 files from the SimpleCast Encoder ( using Archive function)
  April 4,     2006 Need some Radio Contacts to fill in my "Traffic Demo page" . Job done in 45 minutes .HF station keeps working fine.
Rev0 April 5,     2006 Website Rev 0 on Line with Live MP3 Audio stream  , successful visitor Counter configuration
  April 6,     2006 Facing  Audio Player embedding issues  
  April 15,  2006 Got Great Help From Manfred 7Z1UG  with the html code to embed a pre-sized Player in my Webpages and how to configure Windows Media Encoder  .
Rev 1 April 20,  2006 Website Rev 1 (Audio only) on Line with additional Windows Media Player console  embedded
Rev 2 April 30,  2006 Website Rev 2 On Line with 2 additional Video streams from 2 Windows Media Encoder 9 and pre loaded Screens.
  May 1st , 2006 Facing Bandwidth issues with more than 2 simultaneous visitors AND experienced unstable system with 2 Windows Media Encoders running at the same time ( one per Camera et per Port ) even in CBR at low sampling rate .
  May 3rd , 2006 Discovered WebcamXP Software from Manfred 7Z1UG information. Again thanks to Manfred helping to configure the software and for the embedded screens code. Successful results reported by  Gilbert F1GJQ
  May 5   , 2006 Modified the contract with the Internet provider to raise the bandwidth up to the maximum possibilities of my line . Changing from 80Kb/s  to 1MegaBit/s  upload speed
  May 6  , 2006 Learnt that my previous modem is not compatible with the increased speed ! . Purchased a New Router operating Wireless mode and another HP portable Wireless computer + one additional Logitech 5000 Pro webcam .
  May 10 , 2006 Start Configuration of all this stuff in network operation . Experienced some issues configuring LAN servers , DHCP, MAC, WEP , Firewall, NAT, IP@ conflicts , etc...... Everything new for me !                     
  May 13 , 2006 Configuration completed . Multiple access tests performed  using HF radio announcements during a Pile Up. Got 15 simultaneous  worldwide web listeners with encouraging results on Audio Stream performances .
  May 18 , 2006 Return to Website design ,focusing on WebcamXP  implementation .
  May 20 , 2006  4:00 AM All local tests OK. The website is ready  with one MP3 Simplecast Audio Stream duplicated on  "Home Page" and  on "Station live Page ", 2 simultaneous WebcamXP video streams only on "Station live" Page and one Windows Media Encoder 9 in CBR stream  on the "Video Files broadcast " page.
6Rev 3 May 22, 2006  3:00 PM  Website Rev 3  On line . Visitors Counter reset to Zero
  May 30, 2006 Added 3rd Webcam Pro 5000, Modified text overlay
  June 16, 2006  Added 4th Webcam for frequency  display, Simplified Home page and added miniatures views
6Rev 4 July 8, 2006 Simplified home page , Added 5th Webcam with full motion stream at 150Kbits/s from Windows media encoder .
  July 9, 2006 Severe CPU overload observed when running simultaneously WebcamXP , Windows Media Encoder , Simplecast and Icecast . Added a 2nd PC dedicated to WMV video stream

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